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Hello all
              I am new to this forum and would like to ask some questions with regards to AS 1554:1 2011 (SP) that I would like to get some clarification on if anyone could help please. As I was once told the only dumb question is the one not asked

1 A qualified weld in the 3G position also covers 2G and 1G?  If so were in 1554 is this stated?

2 A qualified weld in G position covers .5 down and x2 up of the material thickness?

3 If I have a qualified procedure in the 3 G position on 10mm plate with multi stringers and I use it on 5mm plate and only need a single pass to fill the prep is this still covered by the procedure for the multi pass?

4 If I was to do a 6mm fillet weld on two pieces of 18mm plate would this comply with 1554?

5  There are lots of reasons you may need to re-qualify a weld procedure is time one of them? I qualify a weld procedure today and use it every day for the next?? years is it still valid