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TIG machine advice please
« on: June 19, 2017, 10:06:56 AM »

Hi Guys,

Can you please give me few directions regarding the below welder.
It is a TIG machine that I am keeping any eye atm with the hope of purchasing if
it happens to be the one for me. I'm interesting in this particular machine as I'm interested in
welding aluminium & alloys.
I'm particularly impressed by the Independent AC wave amp control that it comes with for the asking price. The seller says it is three year warranty and he will honour the warranty claims including paying for the postage if necessary to ship it back to the seller. Seller is Western Australia and I'm in Victoria. There is a good 3500km gap between the two cities, so dropping into see the seller's warehouse/shop is out of question. :)
This seller is the only company that sells this particular welder/brand. His website is down atm. :rolleyes:
He says it is not a Chinese brand but Siemens brand. I'm not too sure about it though. He includes the foot pedal for the below mentioned ebay price. The welder is only available via ebay atm unless I can go to the shop/warehouse to pay and pick it up(out of question).
As everything is made in China these days, I suspect it is made in China, even though the components and design may be Siemens as he claim.

Any advice, thumb up or down, tips regarding the above welding unit will be appreciated.
Your opinion on whether the above Olympic welding unit is a good unit or whether it is a cheaper gimmick would be pretty helpful to me.

The manual for the above Olympic welding unit is here.

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